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2nd / Magical Twilight Orchestra

Instrumental Jazz Rock, Smooth Jazz, Jazz Pop, Jazz Piano Trio, Jazz Piano Solo and Folk Jazz.

A road is divided into 2 there.

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Tenor saxophone : Kenji T, Alto saxophone : Scott F, Soprano saxophone : Kerry Parton, Trumpet : Wora Vaughan, Trombone : Mike Daw, French Horn : Sammy Show, Strings : Matt Curtis, Yonsum Kim, Violin : Mariko, Ann Curry, Guitar : Alexander Joan, Larry Nicole, Vibraphone : Anna Macgarre, Flute : Jack Renot, Harp : Ilis Johnson, Piano, Electric piano : Tomoyuki Sato, Percussion : Jona Golson, Drums : Taku, Timpani : Kohei, Base : JDS, Chorus : Sunyon, Donna Carey, Christy Dion, Kara White, Jessi Nelson, Kate Emery, Mika, Risako, Marsa, Tomoyuki Sato, Eduardo Deney, Ray Garland

Produced & Art Direction & Designed & All Tunes written by Tomoyuki Sato

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