Twilight Bar Original Sound Track

Twilight Bar Original Sound Track (Disk of 2 piece set) /  Magical Twilight Orchestra

This is standard Jazz for new ages.
Contemporary instrumental jazz, smooth jazz, prog-rock, fusion and pop. This is web comic ‘Twilight Bar’s original sound track.
Sweet, melancholic color and sounds like crystal.
All the music is original.
2009 released.


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MP3 Download Album $8.99
All of the download songs on this page are 224K MP3s – they are not copy protected in any way, so you can play them on whatever device you like.

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Side A

  • 再生 Carnival (Jazz Rock by Piano / 6:41) MP3 Download $0.99

  • Winter Blue (Smooth Jazz by Soprano Sax / 3:17)

  • 再生 Recollection (4:42 / Jazz by Piano Trio) MP3 Download $0.99

  • Shine Shine Shine (4:30 / Hard Rock by Electric Guitar) MP3 Download $0.99

  • 再生 Call Me Again (5:32 / Jazz Rock by Piano) MP3 Download $0.99

  • 再生 A View Of Rain (9:14 / Swing Jazz by Piano Trio) MP3 Download $0.99

  • 再生 B.A.Y (5:20 / Pop ballad by Piano) MP3 Download $0.99

Side B

  • D Dorian Blues (4:31 / Jazz Rock by Piano) MP3 Download $0.99 

  • 再生 Rhythm Of Melancholy (7:12 / Swing Jazz by Piano Trio) MP3 Download $0.99

  • Rain, Night, Ballade (11:44 / Jazz Ballad by Piano) MP3 Download $0.99 

  • 再生 The End (5:41 / Smooth Jazz Ballad by Electric Piano ) MP3 Download $0.99

  • Carnival Again (1:20 / Smooth Jazz by Soprano Sax) MP3 Download $0.99 

  • 再生 Calmness, Happiness And Love (6:32 / Pop Ballad by Piano) MP3 Download $0.99

  • 再生 Twilight Room (3:50 / Jazz Piano Solo) MP3 Download $0.99

Tenor saxophone : Kenji T, Alto saxophone : Scott F, Guitar : Alexander Joan, Larry Nicole, Trumpet : Wora Vaughan, Vibraphone : Anna Macgarre, Flute : Jack Renot, Piano, Electric piano : Tomoyuki Sato, Percussion : Jona Golson, Drums : Taku, Base : JDS

Produced & Art Direction & Designed & All Tunes written by Tomoyuki Sato

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